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Cold Water Absorption (Absorption Chiller) is used to heat cold water. Used in the production of heat by the flow of LiBr and water to produce cooling.

Heat recovery applications can be grouped into two categories, which are used directly. And used indirectly. Used directly. The thermal conductivity of the re-use without converting the thermal energy. Are used indirectly. The thermal conductivity was used to produce other forms of energy and then used. The adoption of the evening etc.

The easiest way is to start exploring the use of energy by themselves before they are used properly. Be cost effective or not, to switch off lights when no one in the room. Check for a leak that is wasting energy. The basic approach is to search for information from the Department of Energy. But it most certainly should have saved the energy consumption for at least 1 week to 1 month. The electrical current. Because we know that each moment has the power to do. Data Logger is a device that records can be measured at every point on the power to improve the smoothness. Was then thought to use energy saving devices.

First need. Mind that each device has been designed to save energy. Each device must be designed to meet the energy efficiency if it is not possible to save power. The economy has little to no cost. Therefore, it should be studied carefully before any equipment that works for you or not. Otherwise, the investment is wasted. If you do not have enough time or the expertise that they need to consult. Energy management services firm, is the place. By The past is important. And do not forget that no company can specialize in any subject. Therefore, it should be suitable for our work.