Absorption Chiller

The technology of providing cooling from fuel is invented by BROAD. It has broken the monopoly of providing coolingfrom electricity and has been sold all over the world in just a few years. Why? Because we’ve digested the second law of thermodynamics: with each energy conversion, there is always energy loss. We understand electric aircons require five energy conversions to produce the cool air. They are fuel → thermal energy → mechanical energy → electric energy → mechanical energy → cold air. While BROAD directly provides cooling in one energy conversion, the energy efficiency is undoubtedly doubled. What’s more, the separate heating technology invented by BROAD combines cooling, heating and hot water in one chiller, successfully eliminating the threat of boiler explosion.

BROAD Absorption Chiller

Function : Cooling

Application : Air Conditioning or Process Cooling

Heating Capacity : 1,412~56,489kW

Energy sources : Steam,  hot water, exhaust gas, Bio gas and natural gas.

Absorption Heat Pump

Based on the LiBr absorption technology, utilize the waste heat to upgrade the heat and turn the waste into treasure,Now many power stations and urban heating center programs have been accomplished all over the world.

BROAD Absorption Heat Pump

Function : Heating

Application : Heating, industrial heating and cooling

Heating Capacity : 1,412~56,489kW

Energy sources : Steam, high temperature hot water, high temperature exhaust gas, natural gas.