Package Water Cool Chiller

Air water heat pump integrated unit

Efficient air to water and water heat pump integrated unit is the water and air as the suction / exothermic medium, the summer through the high temperature and high pressure gas refrigerant to the water and air to release the heat of condensation, the winter through the low temperature and low pressure liquid refrigerant evaporation from the water and air In the absorption of heat, to achieve refrigeration, heating function.

Principles of refrigeration

Principle of heating

  1. Compressor
  2. Way reversing valve
  3. Evaporative condenser
  4. Dry filter
  5. Liquid mirror
  6. Expansion valve
  7. Efficient shell and tube heat exchanger
  8. Gas-liquid separator
  9. Balance tank
  10. Spray pump
  11. Control cabinet
  12. Low noise axial fan
  13. Motor
  14. Hairdryer
  15. Efficient water collector
  16. Water distributor
  17. Water filler
  18. Inlet grille
  19. Water tray