BROAD High Efficiency Chiller

BROAD non-electric chiller is the world’s most efficient method to produce chilled water when evaluating original source “primary energy fuels”. A BROAD Direct Fired Absorption Chiller/Heater is able to generate chilled, heating and domestic hot water simultaneously. These three outputs from a single absorption unit is the most reliable system when looking at potential points of failure. The BROAD XI Generation Absorption Chiller provides the longest life span and the quietest operation available in the market today.

With the emergence of growing CHP, wind and solar PV power systems we are now manufacturing the power-efficient chiller.

Markets for the new power-efficient chiller are as follows :

  1. Locations of the developing world where there is no access to natural gas or waste energy sources
  2. Applications for small cooling only requirements
  3. Site specific locations powered by only wind, hydro or solar PV has great potential to reduce CO2 emissions
  4. A BROAD Power-efficient Chiller is more efficient than traditional electric chillers
  5. A BROAD Packaged Water Distribution System is more efficient than traditional distribution systems
  6. A BROAD Power-efficient Chiller can be combined with a BROAD CHP system, which has higher efficiency and energy flexibility than a non-hybrid or single energy source plant

BROAD High Efficiency Chiller

Function : Cooling

Application : Cooling in Air condition system

Cooling Capacity : 120RT to 1300RT , COP IPVL = 11.11

Energy sources : Electricity

The Integrated Part Load Value (IPLV) of the chiller can reach 11. This high IPLV can reduce energy consumption by 40% when compared to traditional electric chillers

A BROAD Packaged Water Distribution System can reduce electricity consumption up to 76% when compared to conventional field-built systems

The magnetic oil free and zero friction technology can save up to 40% energy cost and 90% of maintenance cost when compared with traditional electric chillers

BROAD PLC “Smart anti-surge control” module insures the chiller always operate in a safe range

The integrated design of the BROAD chiller, water distribution system and stainless steel metal enclosure reduce design cost and field installation costs for customers

Compared with the traditional electric chillers, A BROAD chiller package reduces volume by 30~50% and the weight by 30%

BROAD Packaged Water Distribution System and stainless steel metal enclosures can be installed outside which reduces mechanical room footprint requirements

BROAD Packaged Water Distribution System and stainless steel metal enclosure eliminate risk and reduce system design, procurement and installation errors

BROAD Intelligent Control System(ICS)can be automated for operator free operation of the chiller and water distribution system

BROAD Global Internet Monitoring System provides customers with 24/7/365 fault prediction, analysis and energy-saving management tools