Air Monitor

Allows common people to detect PM2.5 anytime anywhere

It seems to be just a simple technical innovation to downsize the professional industrial detecting instruments for dust, formaldehyde, CO2 and electromagnetic radiation into a portable tool that is affordable and easy to use for common people. However, this invention has actually cultivated an ideological revolution – it ignited the ”PM2.5” fever in China. Probably in the near future, when detecting environmental pollution personally becomes a daily habit for most people, humans will get rid of the expanding material desire and evolve into ”the era of conscious living” from ”the era of consumerism” .

Fresh Air Unit (Energy Recovery Ventilator, ERV)

Easily cleans indoor air 100 times better than that outdoors with Energy Recovery

Perhaps nobody else in the world has ever thought of making the indoor air 100 times cleaner than that outdoors. However, BROAD made it possible in an affordable cost for common people. BROAD Clean Fresh Air Machine filters PM2.5 by 99.9%, and its ventilation power consumption is much lower than that of traditional products. Chinese people keep complaining about PM2.5, but the fact is, even people in developed countries also live in rooms with heavy PM2.5 and oxygen deficiency: indoor air pollution has become a common challenge for mankind. BROAD Clean Fresh Air Machine not only provides solution to the global challenge, but also recovers heat which drastically reduces aircon investment and operation cost. In extreme cold and hot areas, it can even operate at negative cost. A real human-oriented technology is the one that is affordable to common people.

Large System

Small System

Air Purify


Coughs, colds and flus will become fewer.
Rhinitis, laryngitis, asthma and pneumonia cannot be contacted easily.
The percentage of cancers, diabetes and other critical diseases will be reduced drastically.